About the Academy

To make a new step forward in teaching music, Chahi music Academy has been found by Maziar Chahi (as directing manager) in year 2015 and started its activities in the 2nd district of Tehran. This Academy always has tried its best to hire qualified teachers with an academic background in music, also communicate with the most prominent international academies to introduce its students with music and provide them with opportunities to improve themselves.

Replacing the sources and teaching methods which were common in Iranian music training system (due to being old) with the most standard and up to date international methods has been one of the goals of Chahi music Academy; such books, pamphlets and methods which are exclusively presented in this Academy.

From the very beginning to work, Academy’s main objective has been to instruct and sponsor the students in their way to be a professional music practitioner.

These are some of the courses students can take in the Academy:

  • Talent Finding, Orff, Solmization and solfeggio for children
  • Basic and Advanced Piano Courses for Children (Suzuki Method)
  • Percussion courses including Daf and Tombak (Iranian instruments) and international instruments under the supervision of Maziar Chahi
  • Iranian traditional Instruments Such as Târ, Setâr, Santur, Kamancheh, etc.
  • Violin (Classical and Iranian traditional Style)
  • Guitar (Pop, Classic, Flamenco)
  • Vocal music (Iranian traditional and classical Style), Solfeggio and Voice training
  • Songwriting, Musical notation and Software training courses
  • Musical Ensemble and etc.


It should be mentioned that many of our alumni are working as professional musicians and teachers all around the country.